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We live interesting times!  Despite the arrival of the corona virus, the normal stresses and strains of life continue and so too does my practice.  I've been using online video sessions now for about 7 years and, as long as your wifi is good, then they work well.  I can share a whiteboard with you and...

I've been back in private practice for the last seven years.  I like it.  It can be lonely but of course it's the work with clients that I find incredibly interesting and challenging.

This time my practice has no waiting room.  I simply schedule clients in a staggered fashion so that 1) you don't h...

Husband and wife OR Parent and child?

Unfortunately, we men do a number of things which can get in the way of our health. Some of these behaviours are our defining strengths, but sometimes they also impede our lives.

I guess the most obvious one is our reluctance to ask for help. While this might be fine in relation to reading maps, it's no...

For your interest, I have another website devoted entirely to the process of change and based on Joseph Campbell's idea of the Hero's Journey.  For more information on how change really occurs, who Joseph Campbell is and what is the Hero's Journey go to

Me at the latest Intro...

All my life I've been preoccupied with how people change.  

The biggest problem in achieving change seems to be that:

We want everyone and everything else to change but not us.

We are not the problem.  Other people are!  And so with this in mind we do all we can to get them to change.  We might spend year...

Essential Relationship Skills

About half my clients are couples in committed relationships.  Some have been together for decades, some for a few years, some just engaged.

Whatever the length of the relationship, there are certain skills all couples need.

Couples generally run into trouble, regardless of...

Almost daily, newspaper articles remind us of what can happen when children are not protected. The Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse is currently deep in investigations across the country. Much of the discussion around stopping abuse is focused around safeguarding technology.  Whil...

Some people with depression believe that medication is THE answer.  Typically this means that they or a loved one expect to see their GP for an antidepressant and then they’ll be ‘fine’.  Given that two-thirds of people using medication report little or no improvement with medication alone, this expect...


Despite good intentions and the ceaseless efforts to be a good parent, when children come first, families often begin to disintegrate. With little awareness, a growing disconnection between Mum and Dad is set into action and the unforeseen consequences of this disconnection begin to arise.  It’s extre...

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Corona Virus and Online Video Sessions

March 19, 2020

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