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Men and Mental Health: Man Therapy!

May 28, 2019


Unfortunately, we men have a number of behaviours which can get in the way of our health. Some of these behaviours are our defining strengths, but sometimes they also impede our lives.



I guess the most obvious one is our reluctance to ask for help. While this might be fine in relation to reading maps, it's not so great when it comes to stress or emotions. Unfortunately we tend to keep things to ourselves, and often work harder as a solution. Again, while this may work well in other areas of our lives, its not so great in relation to emotional pain.



Some men I have spoken to actually believed that they did not have emotional issues, as this was something women only had. In truth, however, we men are human too and suffer the same anguishes, frustrations and joys just as any other human. In such situations, working harder may be the worst strategy possible.


A reluctance to ask for help is also a recipe for disaster. This reluctance results in us pretending everything is fine when in reality it's not. It may result in us being more grumpy at home with our loved ones. It may also result in us drinking more as a way of relaxing, getting to sleep or switching our brains off.



If you're experiencing more than the usual stress and have some rising frustration and anger, take a look at Beyond Blue's Man Therapy website.  If you are wanting to connect with men in Brisbane then visit Blokepedia




It only takes a minute to check out and may prove worthwhile to you and your family.



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