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Group Therapy

Practising new skills and decreasing your isolation

The Power of Groups

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I regularly run group sessions for clients who share similar issues.  While the thought of attending a group may sound like the last thing you want to do, groups can also offer clients an concentrated opportunity to support the learning of new skills while also providing increased support.

Groups usually run with a minimum of 6 people and are based on strict confidentiality.

The cost  may also be partially covered by your Mental Health Care Plan or your private health insurer.  Talk to you GP or health provider to find out if you are covered.



Group therapy offers a range of benefits. It is also an affordable and effective form of treatment used to treat different mental health issues. Group attendance has shown positive results for client treatment.  To be effective, it is recommended that individuals attend regular sessions.

By attending group therapy, you can obtain the necessary life skills, knowledge and strategies to deal with current issues . Active involvement during therapy can improve your communication skills, as well as prove beneficial in helping you to regulate your emotions. You will meet a mix of individuals with similar as well as different problems, and each may have different perspectives which can prove valuable in dealing with your own challenges in life.   Group therapy is also time to share as well as receive support

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