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Online Video-Chat Counselling

Are you busy, travelling, perhaps unable to get mental health help close to you? Psychologist Dr. Clive Williams also offers online counselling services.

Talk to a qualified Psychologist, online.

Counselling no longer requires you and the therapist to be in the same room.  For busy people, people with children or for situations where travel in required, online video sessions now offer a convenient option.  From the privacy of your home, workplace or any other situation that provides wifi, you can receive online therapy and support. Currently available via Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangouts.



Like traditional face-to-face therapy, online video therapy can similarly provide support and skills during times of stress or change.  There is no driving, no parking concerns.  It’s confidential and for some clients, provides a safe ways of accessing professional support.


As with any service I provide, you can call first, text or email to address any concerns or questions you may have or just get a sense of how we might work together before committing to an online video chat session.


Sessions and charges are the same as those offered in the face-to-face situation.  One hour sessions are billed at $180 per hour.  Couples sessions of one and a half hours are $250 per session.  



Online Psychological Counselling

Book an online session today.

PH: 0427 40 30 99 

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