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Accessing the Medicare Rebate

For eligible patients, there's the possibility of a Medicare Rebate on some services offered by Dr.Clive.

How to Access the Medicare Rebate

If you're interested in claiming a rebate for your session/s with Dr. Clive through Medicare, there's a simple process you must follow in order to make yourself eligible.

  1. Make an appointment with your GP (or, if you're still unsure after reading this, you're welcome to call or email us to talk about how access the rebate!)

  2. Let the reception staff at your GP's office know when you book that it's for setting up a Mental Health Care Plan, as this can take a little longer than standard sessions with your Doctor. Getting a mental health care plan then qualifies you to receive a Medicare Rebate when you visit Dr. Clive.

  3. Contact Us to set up your appointment.

  4. Bring your Mental Health Care Plan to your first session.

  5. On making the payment after your session/s with Dr. Clive, you can claim the rebate right from his office. You should be able to rebate a sum of $86 for each appointment. For families whose health costs exceed $2000 a year, the rebate increases significantly.  More on Dr. Clive's pricing here.


For further information, please do contact us via any of the methods below, or visit



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