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Men and Mental Health: Man Therapy!

Men's Mental Health

Unfortunately, we men do a number of things which can get in the way of our health. Some of these behaviours are our defining strengths, but sometimes they also impede our lives.

I guess the most obvious one is our reluctance to ask for help. While this might be fine in relation to reading maps, it's not so great when it comes to stress or emotions. Unfortunately we tend to keep things to ourselves, and often work harder as a solution. Again, while this may work well in other areas of our lives, its not so great in relation to emotional pain.

In truth, men are human and the same range of emotions as women, the same anguishes, frustrations and joys just as any other human. In such situations, working harder is simply not a solution.

A reluctance to ask for help when feeling like crap is a recipe for disaster. It results in us pretending everything is fine when in reality it's not. It's tiring to pretend all the time and the cracks in our pretence can be seen in grumpy behaviour at home or drinking more to numb the unpleasant feelings.

If you're experiencing more than the usual stress and have some rising frustration and anger, take a look at Beyond Blue's Man Therapy website @

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