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Who wants to sit in a waiting room?

I've been back in private practice for the last seven years. I like it. It can be lonely but of course it's the work with clients that I find incredibly interesting and challenging.

This time my practice has no waiting room. I simply schedule clients in a staggered fashion so that 1) you don't have to sit in the local surgery with everyone waiting to see their GP while you're there for the ... (whispered) psychologist! 2) There is no chance of running into anyone you know. It is the most confidential way of seeing a therapist.

As I work a lot with men, and let's face it, just about everyone is reluctant to see a psychologist, but maybe men even more so. This way seeing a therapist can be discreet. Confidential.

So now that I've moved back to the Toowoomba, Oakey areas I've kept this set up of not having a waiting room. Both Toowoomba and Oaky are smaller places so having things private may be even more important.

So if you are in need of help, pay me a visit. Trust me you won't run into anyone except me!

See you soon .

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