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Can grief lead to depression?

“Sooner or later, some of those who avoid all conscious grieving, break down—usually with some form of depression” (Bowlby, 1980. p. 158). Despite the mountain of material written about depression, the different types of depression, its diagnosis, symptoms, and treatment, I continue to be struck by the number of clients who front to therapy with a diagnose of depression, with what I can only describe as unresolved grief. Time and again when I work with clients with a diagnosis of depression, sooner or later, we touch on some aspect of loss: loss of a loved one sometimes but more often than not, it’s loss of a different kind. It’s the loss of a job, loss of a friendship, loss of a relationsh

If you don't speak up for you who will?

Greg considers himself a good worker though rarely, if ever receives any praise or positive feedback from his boss. Recently Greg, who works for a small family business attracted a moderate new contract. Greg had expected his boss to thank him for showing initiative however this hasn’t happened. Later that night after a particularly hard day, Greg vented to his wife telling her how ungrateful his ‘idiot’ boss is and how ‘disrespected’ and ‘taken for granted’ he feels. ‘Next time’ he sees a business opportunity, he reckons he’s just going to ‘keep his mouth shut and stuff his boss’. When Greg’s wife suggested talking to his boss, Greg flew at her, telling her ‘thanks’ for her support an

"Nobody Knows About My Anxiety."

In the 30 years I have been a psychologist in Brisbane and now in Toowoomba, by far the most common issue people come to therapy for is anxiety. Typically, these people are: High achievers Often highly creative in either a business or personal sense (or both) Very disciplined Hard working Honest Perfectionists Reliable Highly organised Always there for others. So then why are they seeing me, a psychologist? Truth is, they're exhausted. You try being all these things all the time and see how you feel! Seriously though, they are often tired. Really tired. Being reliable, hard working, well organized and available to people is exhausting. They don't complain (well, not often, and if they do the

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