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Your anxiety is trying to tell you something.

Anxiety is a problem for many of us. It responds well to psychological treatment but many anxious people refuse to seek help. I meet a lot of people suffering from anxiety (and I mean suffering). Broken sleep, tension, feeling on edge, racing thoughts, poor sleeping, trouble eating. Predictably their responses following three common strategies: Hoping and praying it will go away; Eventually telling someone when it doesn’t go away and they fear they are losing the plot and then; Seeing their GP who might suggest medication and seeing a psychologist. It would seem that many people only take the medication option and pretend their GP didn’t mention anything about seeing the psychologist! Anx

How do you help someone grieve?

Below is a handy list of what to do when grief next visits. Remember grief comes in many forms (not just the loss of a loved one) and each event will bring its own level of grief. People experiencing the same event will also have different levels of grief. Think of grief as a bowl of water. Each time you experience loss you add to the level of water in the bowl. Sometimes the loss will be minimal (e.g. the end of a good holiday) but sometimes the loss will fill your bowl to overflow (loss of loved one). This is when you need to express your sadness. Sometimes it will be a lot of ‘little losses’ that pushes you to this point. What may be a minimal loss to you may be major to someone else

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