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Is Your Child Vulnerable To Online Predators?

Almost daily, newspaper articles remind us of what can happen when children are not protected. The Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse is currently deep in investigations across the country. Much of the discussion around stopping abuse is focused around safeguarding technology. While safer technology protocols are an important component, another question needs to be asked: what makes a child vulnerable to such abuse in the first place? And one of the key ways to find this out is to examine the relationship between you and your child. As a therapist who has worked with way too many adults who have suffered through childhood abuse, the consistent theme I've noticed among th

Depression Medication Not Enough?

Some people with depression believe that medication is THE answer. Typically this means that they or a loved one expect to see their GP for an antidepressant and then they’ll be ‘fine’. Given that two-thirds of people using medication report little or no improvement with medication alone, this expectation sets up an already depressed person for further bad news.* The good news is that all forms of depression improve with a simple skill with a really bad name: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Depression triggered by life events While research continues to throw new light on what exactly depression is, what we do know is that most of the time, a depressive episode is triggered by a life ‘stres

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