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How change really happens: the Hero's Journey

For your interest, I have another website devoted entirely to the process of change and based on Joseph Campbell's idea of the Hero's Journey. For more information on how change really occurs, who Joseph Campbell is and what is the Hero's Journey go to Me at the latest Introductory Class to the process of change based on the Hero's Journey. July 2017.

Free Talk 9th October - how change really happens?

All my life I've been preoccupied with how people change. The biggest problem in achieving change seems to be that: We want everyone and everything else to change but not us. We are not the problem. Other people are! And so with this in mind we do all we can to get them to change. We might spend years, even decades trying to get them to change. In the end we resign ourselves to the fact that they are never going to change and so the problem will never be fixed and we just better shut up and get on with it. Turns out change is possible if we just focus on changing us. But then we get stuck again because it's so unfair! We are not the problem! Turns out if we focus on changing us, we mig

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